On September 8th, 2015 I finally received, under FOIL, the certification of the results of the Special Election held on September 30, 2014 for the the two Ward Referendum questions. Now that the results have been certified the proponents of the passing of the propositions can prove that we have been aggrieved and proceed with the legal action. This legal action was served against the Town on Monday September 14.

**–> See recent article on site for the the details <–**

NOTE: I can use your help. Please support my efforts on this. If you want support my efforts or thank me for what I have done on behalf of your interests on this please donate money to VOTE6WARDS. I still have not been repaid for fighting the town’s appeal and I need to work on filing an Article 78 and associated filings.

Make your donation now to the legal fund here.  … Deb Munitz

PS. If you prefer to hand me cash or a check just Contact Us to do so.

What is a Ward System?

What is a Ward System

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