Where are the signs?

Where are the signs?

One of the big repeat questions that I keep running into is “Where are all the signs?” People want to see signs out along every major and minor road. The answer is that hundreds and hundreds of signs went up and hundreds have been taken down.

From Sloatsburg to Monsey to Spring Valley, signs are being knocked over and stolen on a daily basis. It’s absolutely criminal. With so little time in this final week there is nothing that can be done about the street signs. It’s not worth ordering more just to put them up on Monday. So now what?

Yesterday someone posted a suggestion on the facebook page to do car magnets. Well we can’t make car magnets in time either but it was an inspiring thought.

Here is a new sign: I AM VOTING that you can easily print and then put up in the window of your car TODAY.

Drive around with these signs for the rest of the week and continue to Get Out The Vote!!

You can put them in the back window, or the side windows. So if you have a car without heavily tinted windows please print and tape these up TODAY.

Can you think of something better? Bigger? PLEASE DON’T BE SHY.